Tell The Phone Company Where To Get Off

Have you sold your Telecommunications Stock yet? Dump it NOW.

FREE telephone service using VOIP.

I have Magic Jack which uses VOIP. I don’t like it. Support is a Philippine joke, and no Stateside contact AT ALL… for anything.

Magic Jack is raising it’s annual price. Bye bye Magic Jack.


I just purchased a Obihai Obi110 device which is a ONE TIME hardware purchase. It operates off DSL only with no computer running. It uses Google Talk for interface. FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE after initial hardware acquisition… except the DSL line you already have to be reading this article.

Purchase your hardware through Amazon via the ObiHai web site:

Here is how it works: ObiHai Obi110

A SECOND OPTION is completely free(no additional hardware required):

Explained at: Hack Google Voice For Free Calls


  1. Choose your option.
  2. Implement it.
  3. Explain politely to the Phone Company to shove it.
  4. Spend the money you save on Tequila and Good Times.
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