Tip: Printer Problems? Update Wiping Out Your Working Device?

Apple Updates has a nasty little habit of updating printer drivers.

Apple has a policy of disseminating the driver packages given them by various manufactures. Whether they work or not.

In the case of HP, often they don’t, especially if you have a COMBINATION printer: Printer/Scanner/Fax in whatever combination.

This issue has been driving me nutz forever. I am going to use my case as an example, but it could be a formulaic problem for anyone and any application due to Apple’s policy of blindly putting out updates provided them by manufactures, whether they work for you or not. I have called Apple out on this issue and their position is, “Oh well.” Apple doesn’t take kindly to constructive feed-back from users.

I have a HP C3180 Printer/Scanner. Apple updates wipe out my working software and totally removes all scanning software.

My only solution has been to start by going to the HP website: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/siteHome?lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&os=219&sw_lang=&product=top

I plug in C3180 and start hunting for a driver that works. In my case it is the package for OS X 10.3 from 2009. I download, install, and everything works fine, until eventually it gets ‘updated’ and wipes me out again.

On the issue of Apple Updates, you CAN temporarily remove a specific item from the list by selecting it and hitting the DELETE key. Eventually it WILL reassert itself and reappear. Watch out!

If you are having ‘update’ problems like this, once you find a DMG that works for you, KEEP IT HANDY. Someday you will slip up and wipe yourself out with an update.

Every manufacture has driver package downloads, but like HP, they are TOUGH to find sometimes. Usually manufactures will dead end you by just referring you back to Apple Updates.

It is a much more reliable solution to finding obscure driver packages by going to the Apple Support Forum and doing a search getting as specific as possible with Make, Model, and Problem, than getting derailed to someone trying to sell you something by searching for drivers using any Search Engine.

Happy MacIng!