Tip: Upgrading Silverlight on your Mac?

UPGRADING Microsoft Silverlight from Version X to Version Y ain’t necessarily so…
Dragging Silverlight.plugin to the trash and reinstalling Silverlight is asking for trouble.

Here is a comprehensive Microsoft Silverlight Search and Destroy List.
USE Easy Finder App to find and exterminate ALL!!! occurrences of these files!

From SEVERAL email exchanges with Microsoft Silverlight Support:

  1. Silverlight.plugin
  2. com.microsoft.installSilverlightPlugin
  3. WPFe.plugin
  4. Silverlight.pkg
  5. Silverlight_W2_MIX.pkg
  6. WPFe.pkg
  7. com.microsoft.silverlight.plist
  8. com.microsoft.SilverlightPlugin.loader.plist
  9. com.microsoft.playready.plist
  10. PlayReady folders
  11. Silverlight folders

Happy Search & Destroy.